New Orleans Product Liability Lawyer Seeks Accountability for Injuries

Litigating suits over dangerous products throughout Louisiana

When you're injured or made ill as the result of using a product, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Michael J. Mestayer, a Professional Legal Corporation, has four decades of experience litigating personal injury claims against manufacturers, retailers and distributors of products that are either defective or marketed without adequate warnings. Our New Orleans law firm has successfully litigated cases concerning a wide range of dangerous products and we stand ready to analyze your potential claim.

Skilled litigator explains the Louisiana Products Liability Act

Consumers have the right to use products with the expectation that they are safe. The Louisiana Products Liability Act permits holding a manufacturer liable when a consumer was hurt while using an unreasonably dangerous product. A product can be unreasonably dangerous based on any of the following:

  • Design defect - There is a flaw that creates a foreseeable risk of injury even when the product is used as intended.
  • Manufacturing defect - The product was poorly constructed, perhaps by people who lacked proper expertise, or used subpar materials or components.
  • Warning defect - The product lacks adequate warnings about the inherent dangers it poses, such as warning labels on pharmaceuticals.
  • Warranty violation - There has been a breach of a manufacturer's express promise about a product's safety or of the Uniform Commercial Code's implied warranty of fitness for a particular use.

A lawsuit under the LPLA can recover for personal injury and for damage to property other than to the product itself. In the case of fatal injuries, this can include survival and wrongful death damages.

Lawyer knowledgeable in drug and medical products litigation

Pharmaceutical and defective medical device claims present complex issues that often lead to mass tort or class action litigation. Even products ruled safe for a particular use by the Food & Drug Administration may have unexpected harmful side effects. If you suffer illness or injury from a medical implant or a prescription drug, you may be part of a sizeable group of plaintiffs with the same affliction. We have the skill and resources to build an evidentiary claim of liability, whether in your own lawsuit or as part of a larger one.

Time limits for filing a product liability lawsuit

In Louisiana, a person injured or made ill by a dangerous product has only one year to file a lawsuit. The clock starts when you know or should reasonably know about the injury or illness and its connection to the product. The sooner you consult with our dedicated legal team, the better the chances of building a case in time to meet the deadline.

Our Louisiana defective product lawyer offers a free initial consultation

Michael J. Mestayer, a Professional Legal Corporation, is located in New Orleans and litigates claims on behalf of people injured by dangerous products throughout Louisiana and the larger Gulf Region. To find out if you have a possible claim, talk to our attorney during a free, confidential consultation. Call 800-526-1850 or contact us online.

Samples of Defective Product Cases Handled

  • Defective seat belts
  • Defective tires
  • Defective braking systems on cars
  • Defective braking systems on trucks
  • Defective roof strength
  • Defective air bag systems
  • Defective medical devices
  • Defective welding machines
  • Defective grease guns
  • Defective pipe welding machines
  • Defective generators
  • Defective fuel tank protection
  • Defective crashworthiness for cars
  • Defective crashworthiness for pickups
  • Defective crashworthiness for 18 wheelers
  • Defective rollover resistance for 18 wheelers
  • Defective rollover resistance for SUV’s
  • Defective valves
  • Defective high pressure blowout preventers
  • Defective bridge closure systems
  • Defective sleeper compartments in 18 wheelers
  • Defective underride protection
  • Defective handguns/pistols
  • Defective forklifts
  • Defective material handlers
  • Defective industrial equipment
  • Defective ladders
  • Defective deer stands
  • Defective power boats
  • Defective explosion suppression systems
  • Defective pipe handling equipment
  • Defective cranes
  • Defective wire rope
  • Defective spud hoisting equipment
  • Defective bar-b-que grills